Eastside Pathways Tentative
Feb 27, 2018
Stephanie Cherrington, Executive Director
Eastside Pathways Tentative

Eastside Pathways mobilizes the Bellevue community to support every child from cradle to career to ensure a productive, fulfilling life. Eastside Pathways works with the City of Bellevue, the Bellevue School District, families, nonprofits organizations, communities, funders, business, and others. These stakeholders unite around common goals, measurements, and strategies to maximize each child’s opportunity.

Eastside Pathways is a member of StriveTogether, a national network of 70 community partnerships that use the principle of Collective Impact framework as the way to effect deep, long-lasting systemic change to support local education systems.


The approach is based on individual responsibility and collective accountability, using data to drive actions and decision-making and focusing on continuous improvement.

To learn more, please visit: http://eastsidepathways.org/