Student of the Month + The Kirkland Chorale Society
Mar 13, 2018
David Almond, Singer & Board Member
Student of the Month + The Kirkland Chorale Society

Kirkland Choral Society is the Eastside’s largest choral group. Begun with only eight voices in 1988, we’ve grown to nearly 100 talented members from all over the Puget Sound region.

Under music director Glenn Gregg, KCS presents a wide-ranging repertoire of classical and modern choral masterworks, providing opportunities for both singers and audiences to experience choral music at its finest.  Some of our programs in recent years have included:
• Carmina Burana, performed for an audience of more than 2,500 in Seattle’s Benaroya Hall (in collaboration with select other local groups)
• Bach Mass in B Minor
• Verdi Requiem
• Choral masterpieces from Dave Brubeck, Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, Faure, Rutter, Poulenc, Berlioz, Haydn, Bach, Vivaldi, Liszt, and Bernstein

KCS is committed to creating a quality experience not only for our audiences but also for our singers, providing opportunities to socialize and enjoy the process of creating music together. 

To learn more about the Kirkland Chorale Society, please visit: